TIPS to Get Your Research Project Funded

TIPS to Get Your Research Project Funded


Do you want to GET FUNDED

With the deadline of several national and international funding applications approaching, LYRIS organized a webinar entitled “TIPS to Get Your Research Project Funded” for those willing to increase their chances in WRITING SUCCESSFUL RESEARCH PROJECTS.

For this webinar, LYRIS invited Dr Carla Oliveira, a successful researcher that has own several national and international grants, Dr. Tatiana Costa, a funding manager with experience both inside and outside academia and Dr. Ivo Paiva, a consultant specialized in writing applications for others. 

The webinar is organized in two sessions, where first you will have the opportunity to hear about their perspectives on the basic requirements for writing a research proposaland how to stand out, and afterwards you will have time to question these experts and discuss their strategies in a round table session.


10:00 to 10:45  Short Talks of:

·       Dr. Carla Oliveira, Group Leader at I3S, University of Porto

·       Dr. Tatiana Costa, Innovation IP and Funding Manager at Almascience

·       Dr. Ivo Pavia, Consultant at FI Group 

10:45 – 12:00  Round table


General Admission  •15€